Spain Fair (Feria de Abril)

Spain Fair in Tokyo is modeled after the famous Spain Fair (Feria de Abril) held every April in Seville, Spain. The festival, which runs six days, is one of the largest festivals in Spain, drawing about 5 million people yearly. The fair started in 1847 originally as a livestock fair, but soon became one where many men and women wear colorful costumes, dance sevillanas (type of music and dance of Sevilla and influenced by flamenco), drink and eat various Spanish dishes.

Spain Fair 2018 will be in its inaugural year and will also celebrate 150 years of relationship between Spain and Japan. Please come and enjoy popular Spanish dishes, such as paella, tapas, BBQ and drinks such as Spanish wine, beer and sangria. And come enjoy Spanish dance and music. For two wonderful days, you will be able to take a trip to Spain in Odaiba!

‐ Venue ‐

Yume no Hiroba
(Symbol Promenade Park)

‐ Date / Time ‐

Saturday April 21st

Sunday April 22nd

No Outside Food or Drinks Allowed

Access by train

  • Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line) - 1 minute walk
    Aomi Station (Yurikamome) - 3 minute walk

Get Social!!


Event Organizer : Spain Fair Steering Committee